This Paper Describes The Planning

Summarise 99 was in the main aimed at examination wandering Vasco da Gamma spectrum analysis with systems carried by cars, only too in situ measurements were carried out during the practise. Cs stemming from Chernobyl accident in more detail on the site 1986 was careful and mapped. The objectives of the practice were to aim active teams in measuring, to trial co-military operation for atomic hand brake preparedness, and to prepare for a bigger European practise in 2001. Another objective lens of the utilization was to incorporate the carborne gamma-light beam study with Recent airborne gamma-ray sketch measurements of the country. The drill generated a satisfying database that crapper be put-upon for advance inquiry in this theatre. Various interesting features were included in the RESUME 99 exercise, such as ripe on-website processing of information and take aim demonstration of results on an practice session World Wide Web locate. This cover describes the planning, cookery and executing of the exercise, the active teams, and results that was bestowed during the practise.

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