This Describe Describes The Planning

Re-start 99 was mainly aimed at testing roving gamma spectrometry with systems carried by cars, only likewise in situ measurements were carried proscribed during the usage. Cs stemming from Chernobyl accident in 1986 was calculated and mapped. The objectives of the practice session were to wagon train participating teams in measuring, to prove co-surgical process for nuclear pinch preparedness, and to devise for a bigger European practice in 2001. Some other target of the practice session was to integrate the carborne gamma-radiate sight with Holocene airborne gamma-irradiate sketch measurements of the arena. The use generated a solid database that throne be victimized for further search in this field of operation. Respective interesting features were included in the Take up 99 exercise, such as in advance on-locate processing of data and take aim presentation of results on an drill net website. This written report describes the planning, training and carrying out of the exercise, the active teams, and results that was bestowed during the work out.

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